What's to Come

With spring break rapidly approaching there are a few things that I'm really looking forward to, which are almost completely different from the cruises and other exotic locations filled with bars and beaches that are the typical anticipation of a college spring break. I'm actually looking forward to going home to South Jersey for a little bit. First, because my license expired on Monday, and how am I supposed to head to the bars if I can't even get in. I guess the fact that I'm not really supposed to be driving around, but that's besides the point. I guess the best way to really describe what I'm preparing for photo-wise is to just run down the list:

1. I'm finally going to have some spare time to do some more hobby shooting. I've been missing shooting around the city, just taking some photos of architecture, industrial, and hopefully some cars. 

2. After some discussion in my Comm 481, Multimedia Reporting, class, I really would love to return to my photo, now turning to a multimedia piece about homeless in Philadelphia. To give you some background, I originally began the story as part of a class devoted specifically to photo stories. Unfortunately, logistics just didn't work out, but I've been dying to finish it. But now I'll be back in the area for more than a week, I'm hoping that I can at least do some recon to find a good character to drive the story. But to give you an idea on what I've already shot for the project: 

3. Money. I'd say it's one of the best motivators. To elaborate, I picked up a gig next weekend working with a production company to shoot photos of a dance competition. I'm always very eager to be actually working with my camera. But it looks like I'm going to have two weekends of dance, covering both Infusion as well as a ballroom dancing competition the weekend after spring break. 

Just wanted to give an update on what's to come, as always keep an eye out for new galleries on the Collegian website from me, specifically from the men's basketball game tomorrow.