Today's Shoots

  • Just two shoots today, the first being a last assignment that I picked up since I had the time today. The sculpture club was making wax sculpture (I think maybe candles) valentines to sell next week as a fundraiser for their club, and also for a visiting artist to give a guest lecture.


  • I was really looking forward to the second shoot tonight, since I haven't been able to do too much concert photography in a little while. Indigo's manager reached out to the Collegian because they were having a band tonight, which doesn't happen too often. I figured that it wouldn't be a typical downtown State College cover band (they pretty much were, but still fun nonetheless). I was pretty grateful of the opportunity to get some varied angles, and being able to use a speed light at a concert once in a while is always a plus. It also gave me the idea to capitalize on the market of photographing the dozens of cover bands in the area to supplement my income a little bit. Anyways, check out the photo posted, and the gallery on the Collegian's website